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Digital Asset Exchange Token (DAXT)

The Digital Asset Exchange Token (symbol: DAXT) is BlockEx’s ICO. It is a utility token in which allows holders access to buy ICO tokens on BlockEx Markets ICO Market on a pre-sale basis before the public at large.

In order for you to buy ICOs on a pre-sale basis, you must pay 2.5 percent of the notional purchase amount in terms of DAXTs. For example, if you wanted to buy €100 worth of ABC tokens you must pay 2.5 DAXTs in conjunction with the funds. The Pot Allocation System automatically calculates and adjusts each individual’s token allocation proportionate to the total funds received relative to the token supply available. Therefore, the DAXT guarantees token allocation tokens listed on the ICO Market.

Please note that there is a chance that funds and DAXTs will be returned to ICO participants in the event that an ICO is oversubscribed. Read our whitepaper for a more detailed explanation of the token utility and mechanics within the ICO Market.